Yoga Club

Come join us!

Yoga Club meets in the cafeteria every:

Monday 3-5

Wednesday 3-5


Who are we?

The Yoga Club is a community of people who join together to HAVE FUN and to EXPLORE yoga. Yoga classes are held every Monday and Wednesday and the classes are great for both beginners and for people with experience.


New to Yoga? No worries.

New members are WELCOME to come at any time. We love to SHARE in the JOY of yoga!


What is yoga?

The word yoga means "to unite" the mind, body, and breath. The practice of yoga has evolved over thousands of years and there are lots of styles of yoga today. Every yoga class is a NEW EXPERIENCE and every person can do yoga. Generally, a yoga class consists of a flow of movements and poses, breathing, a little bit of meditation, and a lot of relaxation.

Yoga is for EVERYBODY.


What are the benefits of yoga?

-Find inner peace

-Gain flexibility

-Be balanced

-Increase Strength

-Relieve Stress

-Focus the mind

-Concentrate better

-Improve overall health and well-being


Feeling Inspired? Ready to Yoga? Looking for more info?

Contact Ms. Paley at or stop by room 441.