Spirit Wear Policy



It is the policy of the James Tansey Elementary School that all students in Kindergarten to grade 5 will wear Schools Spirit Wear. School Spirit Wear is limited to the required clothing, as adopted by the Fall River School Committee in 2010.



It is the responsibility of parents/guardians of the students in Kindergarten through 5th grade at the James Tansey Elementary School to ensure that their child(ren) dress in accordance with the School Spirit Wear. This will ensure a conductive learning environment for all students as well as discourage competition of various styles and name brands. Uniformity for all students will cause fewer distractions, keep a focus on learning, and establish a safe environment at the Tansey School.



School personnel, including substitute teachers, should serve as role models for proper attire in the educational setting. School personnel should ensure that all students adhere to the School Attire Policy. Every teacher will observe students each morning to make sure students are in proper attire.

Any student, who is not in proper attire, will be sent to the office and the principal or designee will take one of the following steps:



1ST OFFENSE- School will loan a shirt (to be worn over their existing shirt) to wear during the day- will be returned at the end of the day.

2ND OFFENSE- Parents will be called by the principal/designee and the dress code will be restated to them. Shirt will be loaned to them.

3RD OFFENSE- Meeting will occur with parent as to reason of not adhering to the policy. Student will receive one morning consequence.



1ST OFFENSE- Note will be sent home for parent signature and return.

2ND OFFENSE- Parents will be called by the principal/designee and the dress code will be restated to them.

3RD OFFENSE- Meeting will occur with parent as to reason of not adhering to the policy. Student will receive one morning consequence.



This dress is mandatory for students in grade Kindergarten through grade 5. This will help students and parents choose school attire when they purchase their school clothes. Pants and shirts may be purchased at any retailer. The tees, polo shirts, and sweatshirts of the Spiritwear attire must have the school logo. Iron-on transfers of the school logo must be purchased directly from the school. 




  • Long or short sleeve tees, polos or sweatshirts
  • navy blue, white, yellow



  • dockers – dickies – chinos
  • khaki, navy blue, black


  • JOGGING PANTS (Physical Education days only.)
  • navy blue or black



  • NO flip flops, backless shoes or high heel sandals
  • SNEAKERS are recommended


EXEMPTIONS FOR DESIGNATED DAYS OR EVENTS- the principal may periodically designate specific days or events (field day, spirit week) during which deviations from the approved Spirit Wear clothing may be permitted.

RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, AND HEALTH ACCOMODATIONS- where religious or political beliefs or health needs of a student conflict with the School Attire Policy, the school will provide reasonable accommodations. This must be done in writing to the principal and a meeting will be set up to discuss this matter.

CLOTHING ASSISTANCE- it is the policy of the Tansey School that no student will be denied an education due to the bona fide financial inability to obtain clothing that complies with the School’s Spirit Wear Attire Policy. Requests for assistance must be done in written form and sent to the principal specifying the clothing needs, along with a statement of financial need. The School principal or his/her designees shall assist families in financial need to obtain clothing that complies with the School Attire Policy. In meeting request for assistance, the principal or designee shall consider community resources, parent organization, and charitable organizations.

TRANSFER STUDENTS- any student transferring into the Tansey School from another school during the course of the year will be allowed a grace period of 15 days to obtain clothing that meets the school Spirit Wear requirements. During the 15 day grace period, the student will be encouraged to comply with the policy but will not be disciplined for non-compliance. The student and his/her parent/guardian will be informed by the office staff on the day of their transfer of the School Attire Policy.

ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW- any parent who believes that this school has not reasonably accommodated his/her bona fide religious, health, or financial needs, may submit a written objection to the school principal. The principal or designee shall meet within 14 days of the date that the written objection is received. Any parent/guardian dissatisfied with the principal or his/her designee’s response may submit a written appeal to the Superintendent of Schools.