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United States and World History 1 and Practicla Law

Room 393

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We are now using the Google classroom to enhance student learning. Pleasehave your chils log in. Remind App is also being used as a way to remind students of upcoming assignments and due dates. 

Please be sure to have your child complete their homework every night. The agenda book is a good resource.

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/US and World I Syllabus.doc

/need to know handbook.doc

/law syllabus.doc


  • Students need to have a binder or a notebook and folder 
  • Homework will be given 3-4 nights a week and should be written in the agenda book
  • Students need to be able to work independently outside of the classroom on extended assignments 
  • Grading policy is in the syllabus  

College Prep:

  • Students need to have a binder or notebook and folder
  • Homework is given  nights a week as an extension to the lesson
  • Homework is to be in the agenda book daily
  • Grading policy is in the syllabus