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All students at the Frank M. Silvia School will be prepared for academic and social success in middle school and beyond.

To achieve these goals, our school will make certain that:

  • All students meet or exceed state standards in all subject areas.
  • All students receive highly qualified focused instruction targeted to their learning needs.
  • Students’ progress is monitored by formative and summative assessments and by school, district, and state benchmarks.
  • All stakeholders promote a culture in which they believe in students’ capacity to succeed through positive reinforcement for effort, achievement, and behavior.



If we focus on comprehension read-alouds and T-charts as our major instructional focus to strengthen background knowledge and vocabulary through various avenues THEN our students will implement this learning in a successful manner through their verbal and written skills.



News and Notices


News and Notes: 


Popsical Social

Wednesday, August 15th



 Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Grades 1-5

     PreK begins      Tues. 9/4/18 


Kindergarten begins Fri. 9/7/18


Procedure for students not picked up at their bus stop:

Students in grades K-2, and all students who receive door-to-door transportation, who are not met by a parent or guardian at the bus stop will be taken to the Transportation Department Office located on the second floor at 290 Rock Street.

Please contact the Office of Transporation with any questions.

(508-675-8330 ext 55237/55235)

School Doors Open at 7:10am

AM Daycare is available to students in grades K-5
Morning Drop-off
Please be aware that drop off in the morning is intended to be a quick process.  We ask that your child is ready to exit the vehicle with his/her backpack, lunchbox, etc.    Parents should not be putting their cars in “park” and getting out to get children settled.  If your child requires more attention at drop off, please park in the back parking lot (not the small one at the front of the school) and walk him/ her to the door.
Students arriving at school after 7:35am will be considered tardy. Please plan accordingly, as there is a lot of traffic in the morning.

General  Notices:

Gently used "spiritwear" is available at the school. All students are required to wear Silvia School "spiritwear" everyday.

Spirit Wear

Tops: White, Kelly Green or Royal Blue (No Hunter Green or Navy or Light Blue)

Bottoms: Black, Navy Blue or Khaki (no yoga pants or leggins)

Students may only wear sweat pants on days they have Physical Education. Bottoms must be solid black or navy blue

Please note that students are only permitted to wear sweaters/ sweatshirts in school that are navy, black, royal blue, or kelly green.  All sweaters and sweatshirts should be labeled with your child’s name.  

Shoes: No heels, closed toe (no sandals)

 Iron-on logos can be purchased in the main office for .50 each

Please save your Boxtops for Education.


Health Webpage

Physical Education Program

School Adjustment Counselor

Click below for the lunch menu

Available Government Family Services

Information on getting food stamps
WIC Nutrition Program



Kindergarten and Grade 1 - Cafeteria Door (right hand side of the building)

Grades 2-5 Parent Patrol Door (front of the building)

Students in Grades 2-5 with siblings in Kindergarten or Grade 1 will be dismissed with their younger siblings