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Last Day of School for Students:

Monday, June 25th (Half Day)



Mindfulness & Meditation at RPA

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Education Program Flyers 

(including 45 Day Intervention Model, Community Engagement Center, Rising 9th Program & The Suspension Intervention Model)

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LEAP Program

The RPA Culinary Program has officially started "cheffin' in up"!

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Core Beliefs and Values Statement for RPA

We are Respectful. We are Responsible. We are Reliable. We are Ready to Learn.

The RPA learning community supports a student-centered classroom and multiple educational options, which provide the support that each individual student needs, thus reducing the dropout rate and leading more students toward graduation. As educators, we will collaborate to search for various avenues to better serve our population through rigorous instruction, engaging content and curriculum, and holding students to high expectations that will lead them to find success.

In addition, we will prepare young people for the real world through multiple intervention strategies and programs that will lead students towards success both inside and outside the classroom. We will foster a school environment where we promote family and community engagement. We will do everything we can to connect with students’ families and community partners to support us with our vision that ALL students can be successful through multiple alternative pathways.  

Middle/High School Level - Bell Schedule

Breakfast - 7:35-7:45

Period 1 - 7:45-8:28

Period 2 - 8:30-9:25

Period 3 - 9:27-10:22

Period 4 - 10:24-11:19

Lunch A Grades 7-9 - 11:21-11:41

Lunch B Grade 10-12 -12:16-12:38

Period 6 - 12:40-1:35

Period 7 - 1:37-2:32

The variety and diversity of programs at RPA are supported in part by:





RPA SCHOOL HOURS are from 7:45am-2:32pm Monday-Thursday &

7:45-12:30 pm on Friday

School Calendar of Events

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