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Summer Assignments for Mathematics Classes

Summer Assignments can be found below. All AP students were provided with summer assignments on Wednesday - June 20th at the AP assembly. Other summer assignments were distributed in class at the end of the school year.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Dean of Mathematics - Jessee Clements (508-675-8100 X41571). 


Please click on the link below for the digital copy of the summer assignment.

GATE Geometry/Algebra2

GATE Geometry/Algebra 2 Summer Assignment Link

GATE Geometry/Algebra 2 Bubble Sheet Link


Honors Algebra 2:

Honors Algebra 2 Summer Assignment Link


Honors Precalculus

Honors Precalculus Summer Assignment Link


Honors Calculus:

Honors Calculus Summer Assignment Link


AP Calculus AB:

AP Calculus AB Summer Assignment Link


AP Calculus BC:

AP Calculus BC Summer Assignment Link


AP Computer Science:

AP Computer Science Summer Assignment Link

Remind Link

AP Computer Science Number Systems Practice Problems Link



PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL AP AND HONORS MATHEMATICS CLASSES (EXCEPT AP COMPUTER SCIENCE) REQUIRE A GRAPHING CALCULATOR! The TI-84 Plus CE is the recommended calculator as it has a rechargeable battery and color display, but any TI-84 Plus can be used. The TI-83 can also be used, but the operating system is a little more difficult to work with.


AP Math Saturday Sessions Dates

January 12, 2019 in Middleboro


March 30, 2019 in New Bedford


April 6 Mock Exam at Durfee


Math Websites to Help You





Questions about AP Mathematics?

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