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Condition for Learning Surveys

Conditions for Learning Survey for Parents - We would like to hear from our parents. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to give us feedback. Thank you.
Students will be having their teeth looked at and cleaned- Health First Dental Clinic will be present at Henry Lord on March 6, 8, 13 and 15th.



A letter is being sent home every Monday of the month to notify our families of the upcoming events and to offer suggestions as to how YOU can help to grow literacy lovers! There will be events that are school-wide, as well as specific to certain grade levels.

  • Tuesday is One Fish, Two Fish Day. All school members should wear red and blue.

  • Wednesday is Fox in Socks Day. All school members should wear funky socks!

  • Thursday is Cat in the Hat Day. All school members should wear their favorite hat!

  • Friday is Twin Day. We are encouraging that all school members find a partner and dress alike. Students do not have to be in uniform on this day as it is a special event.


Cold and Flu Season is among us.  When trying to decide if a child is healthy enough to go to school please consider the attached note from one of our Nurses.


TRUCE takes place every Monday & Wednesday 3-5:15 pm.

Parents and families are encouraged to come and have coffee & light refreshments at 4:45 pm.  Students will be dismissed promptly at 5:15 pm.

Introducing TRUCE Jr!!!  Siblings are now welcome to come and join in on the fun.  Please let your child's teacher know if your younger student (K-4) is staying after school for TRUCE jr.  


Parents and families: Please do whatever you can to not only get your child(ren) to school each and every day, but also be sure to get them here on time!!

Calendar of Events

Check out what's going on at Henry Lord Community School



Headsprout and Dreambox

We encourage all students to use our online programs to practice reading and math at home. The programs act as games and reinforce skill taught in school. Students can log on to Headsprout and Dreambox using the links below. 

Click on links to login:


Henry Lord School Expectations 

End of Trimesters:
I Trimester: Friday, December 1 
II Trimester: Friday, March 16 
III Trimester: Closing date/inclement weather date


8:35am - 2:52pm
(2:22pm on Thursdays)
School begins at 8:35am each day.
Please have students here by 8:25am!!!

Early Release Dates           
April 5, 2018          

After School Activities

Girl Scout & Boy Scouts  

Meetings will take place every Thursday from 2:30-3:45 pm.  Please arrive promptly at 3:45 to pick up your child(ren). 



School Adjustment Counselor Website

Please save your BOX TOPS for Education!!! 
Send them in and help your child's
classroom earn free resources!!!