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This week looks like:  1/13/14 - 1/17/14

Honors & CP  Biology


  Classwork HW

Lions & Bulls:  Intro. to Mendelian Genetics powerpoint and guided notes; punnett square practice 

Sharks: punnett square practice for single-trait crosses

Lab:  "Are Traits Inherited?"

punnett square practice wkst.

Punnett square practice; 

MCAS Open Response: punnett squares, and Peer-grade

Lab:  "Are Traits Inherited?" 

punnett square practice wkst.; review for quiz

Quiz:  Mendelian genetics for single-trait crosses

Start Midterm Exam Review

MCAS multiple choice questions (reviewing for midterm exam)

Students will review for Midterm Exam (stations activities)

wkst. reviewing Midterm exam material

Students will review for Midterm Exam (stations activities)

Study for Midterm Exam!






















  Classwork HW
Monday Hydraulics and Pneumatics:  video clips with guided questions Read "hydraulics vs. pneumatics", answer questions

Activity: testing hydraulic and pneumatic systems

MCAS multiple choice questions (standard 3.2)
Wednesday Lab: building a hydraulic device
MCAS multiple choice questions (standard 3.2)
Thursday Calculating pressure, and applying pressure to hydraulic and pneumatic systems

MCAS Open response question; review for Quiz
Friday Quiz:  hydraulics vs. pneumatics None












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On the radar...

Midterm Exam Schedule:

Period 1 Exam (honors Biology):  Tuesday 1/21

Period 4 Exam (CP Bio: Lions):  Wed. 1/22

Period 3 Exam (CP Bio: Bulls):  Thurs. 1/23

Period 2 Exam (STE):  Fri 1/24


Grades Close for Term 2 on Friday 1/24

Report cards issued on Friday 1/31

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MCAS questions