Mr. Amaral's ELA Classes

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Classes Taught

Sophomore English (ELA II):


The focus in Sophomore English is on World Literature and improving reading and writing skills necessary for passing the MCAS exam and succeeding in high school and beyond. The course will focus on analysis of non-fiction as well, and have a writing focus on rhetoric, argument and informative speeches, essays, etc. In addition, students will gain a wider vocabulary, and use newly acquired words in their speaking and writing.

Current Topics (Semester 1):

We are currently working on high-yield literacy strategies (including annotation, question generation, and higher order thinking skill development) in conjunction with the novel Night. Students are also focusing on using text-based evidence to support claims in their writing.


Honors students will be reading The Glass Castle as an outside reading book, and students will be teaching the class a mini-lesson based the book we're currently reading once per semester.



Film Studies:

Film Studies is an English elective that studies and analyzes movie genres including fantasy, film noir, westerns, horror, and comedy/drama. Students focus on their critical writing skills, and creative writing abilities as they critique aspects of cinema, and pitch original screenplay ideas for possible films.


Helpful Resources:

Go to Rottentomatoes website for critical film reviews and movie information.