Gay-Straight Alliance

The Durfee High GSA meets once a month from 2:30-4:00 PM in the cafeteria.

  1. To meet with students who may or may not identify as Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Questioning, or any combination of the above; in an accepting, safe environment to lend support and discuss issues of daily life as they relate to their identity.
  2. To help decrease the percentage of attempted teen suicides and homelessness among LGBTQ youth through peer support. (it is estimated that 30% of all teens who have committed suicide identified as LGBTQ and 26% are homeless due to conflicts revolving around their sexual identity.
  3. To raise awareness in the school and community regarding LGBTQ issues and rights in effort to eliminate prejudice, bullying and hate crimes, and help develop understanding and compassion.
  4. To participate in activities which promote social awareness and a sense of community such as, Youth Pride March, Day of Silence, Leadership conferences, working with other GSA groups etc.

Some Past and Present Programs and Events:

  • Celebration of National Coming Out Day
  • Aids Awareness Week
  • True Colors Youth Theatre Presentation
  • Trip to see Laramie Project
  • Movie Night
  • MIT Grant Documentary Project
  • Youth Pride March in Boston
  • Provincetown Film Festival
  • National Pride Week Celebration
  • National Day of Silence
  • GLSEN Leadership Conference in Boston
  • Youth Pride Conference in Providence