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Good citizenship and academic excellence are priorities of the William S. Greene elementary School. All students are individually supported and challenged to meet and exceed the Massachusetts Standards. We are responsible for ensuring that our students become responsible adults, literate thinkers, and problem solvers with an enthusiasm for life-long learning.  We support our students’ learning by emphasizing a targeted, data driven and standard-based tiered response to intervention model. 


Collaboration and communication are the keys to successful education. We model opportunities to maximize parental and community participation that benefit a student’s overall growth.   As a school family, we intend to provide a safe, supportive and intellectually stimulating learning environment that promotes a culture in which hard work and responsibility are valued while embedding a tradition of academic excellence in our school’s cultural ethos.  All adults and students are expected to exhibit responsible and respectful behavior.  We acknowledge participation and achievement through regular recognition programs.



School Mission Statement


The mission of the William S. Greene Elementary School is to provide a quality education in a safe and Supportive learning environment so that all students will attain the level of academic proficiency necessary to succeed in middle school, high school and eventually to graduate college and career ready so that they may reach their fullest potential, and become responsible members of society.  We are committed to providing quality teaching and learning in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment that links students, parents, staff and social service providers in a caring community of life-long learners and capable problem solvers.


Our mission is anchored on our core values and driven by the belief that all students can learn and can achieve at high academic levels if they are provided with the support and instructional interventions that meet their academic needs and capitalize on their learning styles.  As a result, all students at the William S. Greene elementary school are individually supported and challenged to meet and exceed the Standards set by Massachusetts and the Common Core.

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Change in Procedure for students not picked up at their drop off point:

To all parents with students in Kindergarten to grade 2 who receive transportation from FRPS, there is a change in the procedure for all students who are not received from their drop off point. 

Previously those students would be returned to their school pick up by a parent. Beginning Monday, September 11, any students who is not met by a parent/guardian at the appropriate drop-off point will be delivered to the Transportation Office located at 290 Rock St. Fall River, Ma second floor (508-675-8330 ext. 55237.)

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child is picked up successfully. We will continue to follow our standard operating procedure of contacting DCF and the police if repeated incidents beyond three occurrences.

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Morning Day Care:

Our School offers morning daycare!  $2.00 a day and drop off anytime after 7:25 AM


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