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Grade 4 students in Mrs. Assad's Instructional Technology class wrote and designed a Comic Strip with partners. Students wrote a script, edited and designed each comic panel using the Google Drawing program.


Flag Day at the Greene!!

Students and staff welcomed veterans and visitors to a school wide celebration!! Our Greene Gator even got in on the action!!!
























Gator Pledge:

Today I will be the best I can be

I will follow the rules and act safely

Making good choices is the key

to showing respect to my teachers, friends and me.





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8:35 AM - 2:52 PM









Change in Procedure for students not picked up at their drop off point:

To all parents with students in Kindergarten to grade 2 who receive transportation from FRPS, there is a change in the procedure for all students who are not received from their drop off point. 

Previously those students would be returned to their school pick up by a parent. Beginning Monday, September 11, any students who is not met by a parent/guardian at the appropriate drop-off point will be delivered to the Transportation Office located at 290 Rock St. Fall River, Ma second floor (508-675-8330 ext. 55237.)

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child is picked up successfully. We will continue to follow our standard operating procedure of contacting DCF and the police if repeated incidents beyond three occurrences.

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Morning Day Care:

Our School offers morning daycare!  $2.00 a day and drop off anytime after 7:25 AM


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