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What You Need to Know

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Grade 1 has been working on developing meaningful number sense.  Grade 1 students have been working on being flexible with their numbers and creating different number combinations. This will help students to be able to recognize numbers and number combinations presented without counting.


Grade 8 students are continuing their work with functions and are now starting work using inputs and outputs. During the inquiry lab in class, students examined the thickness of their paper bridges and how many pennies it could hold. This Doran Scholar is placing pennies in a cup to see how much the bridge could hold before it collapsed. Students recorded their results by graphing and analyzing the data. Students will use vocabulary such as variables, scales, linear, non-linear, y-intercept, positive correlation, and negative correlation.

Headsprout and Dreambox

We encourage all students to use our online programs to practice reading and math at home. The programs act as games and reinforce skill taught in school. Students can log on to Headsprout and Dreambox using the links below. 

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Parent Voice Survey (English) 
Parent Voice Survey (Spanish)

























News and Notices

2017-2018 Doran School Day:
Monday through Friday: 7:55 - 2:52
Breakfast at 7:55 Daily
2017-2018 Early Release Days -  11:30 Dismissal Time
Thursday, March 1st
Thursday, April 5th


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