Connecting Cultures Club

Meetings held every other Thursday in Room 390

(New members are always welcome!)

The Connecting Cultures Club (CCC) is composed of students from around the world. The majority of students are first generation and/or first year students to the United States. The Club currently consists of 24 members who are from China, Greece, Cape Verde, Cambodia, Vietnam, Portugal, Puerto Rico, India, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Brazil, and Guinea Bissau. Members have gone to the Fall River Supreme Court House to be part of the naturalization ceremony, Six Flags New England and volunteered at the Martin Luther King Day of Service and Celebration.

The CCC has also hosted two International Holiday Celebrations where over 200 people were in attendance. Students had the opportunity to teach others about their culture through food, music, and entertainment.



Faculty Advisor: Nancy Miranda

President: Muna Ferdausi

Vice President:  Melissa Kim 

Secretary: Kenya Meija

Historian: Maya Fe Porter

Activities planned for this year:

New Year's Celebration

Ice Skating

Six Flags

New York Trip

Door Decorating Contest: