Art Club

Membership in the Art Club is open to all students of Durfee High School who want to broaden their knowledge and experiences the Arts. Meeting are held monthly, usually on the second Wednesday and the last Thursday. Some of this year's activities and ongoing activities include:

  • Providing art activities for children at Hot Chocolate Follies at Heritage State Park
  • Chocolate pop making fundraiser
  • Painting school yard games for Spencer Borden school children
  • Installation art piece competition at Attleboro Museum of Art
  • Open studio time
  • Mask-making with visiting artist David Mello
  • Mask-making for The Durfee Theatre Company
  • Snack-food fundraiser
  • Art Club sweatshirts
  • Field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • Public art sculpture with found objects to be displayed at City Hall
  • Mural competition for Attelboro Museum of Art
  • The Durfee Arts Night
    • Help set up show
    • Run beverage concessions
    • Provide art space for elementary children
  • Farewell pizza party for seniors